Virgin Casino, “Virgin’s Welcome” 

We were approached by London Agency, Beta to licence, rerecord and provide the voice for a track that they had decided upon to accompany the launch of their film for Virgin Casinos. The film is something of a first as online gambling has only just been granted in the USA. The film entitled 'Virgins Welcome' showcases the talent of one of One More Music company's favourite singer's, Elsie. The rerecord and music were created by composer Robert Taggart and Producer Mark Campbell. Elsie is a UK Artist from Liverpool. Her songs have received airplay from BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2 and she was lucky enough to sing for The Queen of England at The Diamond Jubilee in London. After creating a stir on the blogoshphere, in 2014 she's already landed a song on Showtime's hit TV show Californication and has written extensively for a number of major label artists." The result is a sexy and darker take on the Johnny Kidd and the Pirates hit from 1960, 'Shakin' all over'